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Il team italiano Playstos ci parla del suo primo WiiWare, Pallurikio: leggete la nostra intervista al producer Luca Da Rios! [LEGGI TUTTO]

Furry Legends

Lukasz Szczepanski di Gamelion ci porta a scoprire il suo WiiWare Furry Legends! Non perderti l'intervista esclusiva! [LEGGI TUTTO]

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Furry Legends: Producer Interview (English)
Articoli - Interviste
Scritto da Cube88   
Lunedì 22 Giugno 2009 15:49

NintenDifference brings you today in the fantasy world of Furry Legends, with an exclusive interview with Lukasz Szczepanski, the producer of this promising WiiWare:

Cube88: Hi Lukasz, welcome on! Can you talk about yourself and your role in the development of Furry Legends?

L. Szczepanski: Hello! I’m the producer of Furry Legends. This means that I do everything the other guys don’t. I’m the voice of reason, the guiding hand of design, the common sense, the firefighter, you name it. In essence, my job is to make sure that the more talented guys can work without any problems, make sure they have all the materials and resources needed, and make sure that they do things they are meant to do. I also keep the tabs on the high concept of game design, to make sure that all features in the game make sense and are not irritating for the players.

Cube88: What about Gamelion? When this software house was born, and what are its previous works?

L. Szczepanski: Gamelion Studios has been established in 2002. Currently we employ around 100 professionals across all the departments in our company. We were mainly a mobile production and post production company. So far we have worked with leading publishers such as EA, Namco Bandai, Square Enix, Disney, Sony Pictures and several others. Our mobile portfolio includes titles such as FIFA 07, FIFA 08, Sims 2 Pets, Brain Excersise with Dr. Kawashima, Pac-Man Pinball, Hancock, Puzzle-Bobble, LocoRoco Hi and many others.

Cube88: For who didn't know the game, can you talk about Furry Legends?

L. Szczepanski: Furry Legends is a platformer with a great story and physics based puzzles mixed in. You’ll be able to roll around the world, fight with the evil squaries, see the beautiful environments and hone your skills of jumping between platforms. In addition, there’s a lot of puzzles you’ll need to solve in order to progress further. There are also some hidden things waiting for you to find them!

Cube88: When and how was born the inspiration for the development of Furry Legends?

L. Szczepanski: We have decided that we want to make a nice game, using our existing technology. We had all the ball physics ready, so what was left to do was to make some story and interesting characters. We did find some inspiration with Fury of the Furries, and figured out that it would be a nice theme for the game.

Cube88: We know that the game will probably be published in Q3/Q4 2009. Can you tell us at what point of development the game currently is?

L. Szczepanski: Currently we’re nearing Beta. This means that most things are already in place, and we are working on final tweaks and general gameflow.

Cube88: How many people, including you, was involved in the development of the game from the beginning?

L. Szczepanski: About 10 people. Myself, three programmers, three artists, art director, QA Lead and the nice man who makes all the music for us.

Cube88: The game looks really nice! What about its future? You will release some sort of DLC? Or are you already thinking about a sequel?

L. Szczepanski: We will not support DLC with this title, unfortunately. However, we are already thinking about the next part. We want Furry Legends to be sort of an episodic platformer. A game that you can play for a while, get into the story, and then play the next part when its out.

Cube88: It's passed more than one year from the launch of the WiiWare service, and there are a lot of interesting titles on the catalogue. What's your favourite of them?

L. Szczepanski
: WiiWare is still developing, and it takes time for people to get into the platform. There’s a lot of really good titles out there, Lost Winds is certainly inspiring, but there’s many more – like the Art Style games, which are a nice and interesting twist in the casual games space.

Cube88: What about the DSiWare service? Do you think Gamelion could be interested in developing on this platform?

L. Szczepanski: Certainly! We already have plans for some DSi games and will soon announce our first DSiWare title in development. And if all goes well, maybe you’ll see some version of Furry Legends on the DSi. Keep your eyes open!

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